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Every night I witness the same thing
These dreams always haunt me
I just seem to cling
To you. In these dreams, I see what we could be
These are the things I wish for
This is my desire for your touch
These are the things I adore
This is my longing for you to love me so much.
In these dreams,
I can feel the simplest touch from you
And it just takes me to extremes
The things you do, they make me swoon
I'm envious of any girl you flirt with
Above all, Bria, because you love her
And I can't end the wish
That wants us to be what we were
Sure, we laugh and your smile still shines
And sure, your personality still leaves me dazed
But what happened to those previous times?
I miss those days
And Miles, I miss you
I just can't seem to accept the fact
That I'm screwed
Because in reality, you're not going to crack
You'll always remain the person who doesn't care
You would merely rather be friends
My heart begins to know this… and so it begins to tear
These dreams are the only things that keep me alive
They give me a single touch by you
And just being by your side for one single night
Allows me to just barely get through
Each and every day
And this is why I wait for you.
Hope you like it. Thanks for reading.

"I don't like her, I'm a hater.
You're in love, I'm alone
It's not fair-
She gets the good guy, and I got the player,
So, I don't like her...
I'm a hater."

Inspiration:[link]Hater - Miranda Brooke
Storm picture:[link]~riktorsashen

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Rachelgravesart Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
heartfelt <3
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